When My Body Lets me Down

Last week I was reminded why I started this blog. I woke up with my left shoulder so swollen that I could not move my arm. My mobility was restricted to right arm and my left forearm. And I was in constant pain. My Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms have been well managed for the past year.Continue reading “When My Body Lets me Down”

Developing a Healthy Relationship with Food

My relationship with food has come a long way since my days of disordered eating. I eat enough to properly nourish my body and maintain a health weight. However, when it comes to fighting against diet culture and that voice inside my head trying to control what I eat and when, I still have workContinue reading “Developing a Healthy Relationship with Food”

Friday Check-In: The Quarantine 15

I heard the term “Quarantine 15” for the first time this week. For those of you who have not heard the term, it relates weight gained during quarantine to the concept of the Freshman 15 (the supposed average 15 pounds gained by college Freshman during their first year away from home). My feelings surrounding thisContinue reading “Friday Check-In: The Quarantine 15”

Friday Check-In: Overexercising

Exercising has been one of my wellness practices for many years, and I am fortunate enough to now be at a point where I look forward to it. When my state’s stay at home order was put in place, I found myself with more stationary time throughout the day, and the urge to exercise becameContinue reading “Friday Check-In: Overexercising”

Friday Check-In: What I am Thankful For

Another week of staying home is coming to an end, and it is still unclear when the stay-at-home order will be lifted. My anxiety and depression symptoms are still present, but they have eased a bit. I am learning to ride the waves of emotions that come with isolation. I have accepted that my lifeContinue reading “Friday Check-In: What I am Thankful For”

Friday Check-In: Important Reminders

There are good days and bad days. Sometimes I wake up feeling refreshed and optimistic about the day. Other times I wake up fatigued and full of dread of another full day at home. I am extremely fortunate. I have a paycheck, shelter, food, and medicine and I try my best not to complain. ButContinue reading “Friday Check-In: Important Reminders”

Friday Check-in: Rediscovering Loving Kindness Meditation

Loneliness does not occur just because one is alone. Loneliness occurs due to a feeling of disconnection. Even with the phone calls and video chats, I am still finding myself feeling disconnected from others. I can feel the anxiety and sadness that has gripped the common consciousness. I want to help, but I feel helpless.Continue reading “Friday Check-in: Rediscovering Loving Kindness Meditation”

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