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My routine brings me so much comfort. There are many things in life I cannot control, and that is easier for me to accept when I can establish a steady routine filled with the activities and practices that bring me joy and ease.

It is not surprising that I find times like this, as we transition out of quarantine and back into more outside spaces, to be jarring and difficult.

When the stay at home order was put in place for my state, it took me a few weeks to accept the situation and to adjust my routine to my new circumstances. The process was difficult and slow, but over the past month I had finally settled into a new flow of life. Now, it is time to transition again. My head feels heavy at the prospect.

The uncertainty of how my county and my state will be phasing into “normal” business and activities is adding to my unease. I am a planner by nature, and there is so little planning I can do.

I often hear the phrase “take it one day at a time.” To me, living life this way is a goal I am working towards bit by bit, and I am not there yet. I am often thinking several steps ahead, planning for possible difficulties. I strive to always be prepared.

But life does not work like that.

No matter how much speculating and planning I do, the unexpected will always greet me.

So, here I find myself facing down another period of transition into the unknown. I cannot plan completely for what will happen in the near future, but perhaps I can determine strategies for how to deal with the heightened anxiety, strain, and difficulties ahead.

Strategies for dealing with transition

  • Meditation: Let go of thoughts, recenter, regain perspective, attune to my body
  • Give myself the space and grace to feel all feelings without judgement
  • Let go of the pressure to adjust quickly
  • Do not compare myself to how others are adjusting. I must do what is best for me at my own pace.
  • Communicate openly with loved ones about my needs

I hope that during this time of transition you may stay true to yourself and your unique needs.

Wishing you safety, strength, health, and a life of joy and ease.

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